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Welcome to HReSource
When we started in 2006, we could see we wanted to make a difference to the World of Work. After all, humans spend almost 14-16 hours a day just working on and wondering about issues at work and career. This demanded a passionate delving, backed with rigorous analytic grasp. We knew this, felt this, and got going.

Now that we look back, we see that we didn’t follow the usual beaten path. It feels funny, but we have assembled this website in our 5th year, we never felt a need to have a website! (Though we did manage a blog with job postings which got peak hits of 11000 a day). Our Vision, To decomplex pursuit of human talent, constantly guided us and shall do so in future. We stuck to our core beliefs of passionately servicing the world of work; always having a respect for individual, irrespective of competencies, ethnicities and psychographic background; and a manifested commitment to process and standardization.

Looking back, we sense immense satisfaction. Clients are not merely happy, but dazzled with our work. A sure indicator of the trust we have is their confidence that they can call us at 1130 in the evening, and get responded. An equally satisfying indicator is that any of our internal staff of consultants, have rarely left us, but for some socially dislocating phase of life – such continuity of internal talent is our treasure!

Our quality flows from the seriousness with which we hold ourselves accountable to our Oversight Board.

Passionate People. Analytic People. Perfect Solutions. At HReSource, this epitomizes the value we bring to our clients, and it's what differentiates us within the industry.

I invite you to review our website and get to know HReSource. You'll learn about the industry-transforming innovations we've achieved. You'll find a large portfolio of recruitment offerings and learning capabilities. It would be a privilege to be of service to you as a client.

If you have questions, comments, or requests about HReSource please feel free to contact me at saurabh@hresource.co.in.
Dr Saurabh Garg,
CEO, HReSource
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