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“An individual recruited on a salary of £40,000 will, over 5 years, cost the organization around £350,000 in salary and benefits. The typical length of time spent by a company interviewing a candidate is approximately 2 hours!!!”
Consultants Team
Who Are the HReSource Consultants?
Our consultants are published writers, recruiters, experienced strategists and savvy marketers. They have MBAs from top schools, and many have served on Recruitment function of corporates, managing ramp-ups and campus visit engagements. Each consultant is unique; as a client you can find the perfect fit for you. We believe fit is essential.
The common thread is that our consultants do not just provide feedback. They do more than review and evaluate your positions. They are first required to be skilled creators – they help clients develop an effective marketing strategy, and weave a story that resonates with their target talent pool.
We limit the number of clients per consultant to ensure that each client receives a high level of personal service. We profile a few honchos herein:
Knowledge and Training
All HReSource consultants have intimate knowledge of the recruitment process, are awarded Certification Program for Professional Recruiters – CPPR, which is continually bolstered by ongoing learning capsules and updates. Many consultants also have a successful track record working as recruitment managers prior to joining our team. A mandate is shared with them only when they have gone through our comprehensive training program to be members of our team via our knowledge base and frequent interaction within the team.
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