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“An individual recruited on a salary of £40,000 will, over 5 years, cost the organization around £350,000 in salary and benefits. The typical length of time spent by a company interviewing a candidate is approximately 2 hours!!!”
We are a firm whose people enjoy helping our clients achieve their most ambitious talent hunt assignments/ career profile dreams. We put in late nights and work over weekends because we want you to be successful.

We believe that working with you is a privilege. We enjoy getting to know you and we love the feeling that we get when you forward us offer confirmation emails. We want you to be a more than satisfied client.

We are good at what we do because we enjoy it, because we have been rigorously trained, because we have access to huge amounts of data, proprietary techniques and people who know the answers…and because we work as a team, pulling together all of our resources and knowledge and putting it to work for you, our client.

At HReSource, we have broad and deep expertise across most economic sectors and Indian market’s peculiarities. We draw on this experience base to help you beat your competition and produce exceptional talent hunt returns. But we are not trapped in any single industry's traditions. We bring together perspectives from a wide range of industries and business models. So you can see what others don't. And we seek out a practical course of action, not an abstract conceptual model. So you get better results, faster:
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