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“What is learning?
You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way. That is what learning is.”
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Are you one who reads a wide variety of materials, ranging from local newspapers, magazines, journals and books to foreign publications? You should embrace reading as part of your lifestyle to become a truly knowledge-based society citizen. Once reading became part of one's life and is formed as a natural habit, the acquisition of knowledge would become easy -- something that is continuously accomplished without much conscious effort.

"This is the mindset that we want to instill in all of us, the desire for continuous learning and quest for ever more knowledge. Unfortunately, the concept of reading as a lifestyle does not seem to be deeply rooted in today’s world. In fact, reading seems to have taken a back seat compared with television, films, the Internet and other forms of entertainment. Let us change.
Here is some surfing advised to bring in positive attitude reinforcement:
Download : 14-ways-to-cultivate-a-lifetime-reading-habit
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