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The following testimonials are from our Leadership Hiring successes:
“It is difficult to express how Hresource not only facilitated my career move, they also provided valuable inputs about cultural alignments the client expected. I am forever grateful.”
“These guys make insightful comments, candid assessments (at times unnerving) and are willing to repackage the resume even after 10 versions.”
“As an older, international applicant from an engineering background, I knew the challenges I faced in seeking an assignment in emerging India for an ex-pat. I could not be happier with my decision in relying on these people. Very warm vibes and professional attitude really works. They also helped me find strengths that I was unaware of before beginning the application process. In the beginning, I treated each work experience stint as its own; however, my consultant guided me to view each stint as one piece of puzzle that had a specific purpose. By working in this way, we produced a complete application package and fetched success.”
“Just wanted to drop a note about what a fabulous experience it was picking services of HReSource.”
"Wanted to thank you again for the exceptional quality of service. It was an absolute dream! You understood my vision and helped me create a resume that was absolutely amazing. Thanks Again!"
"Am incredibly impressed by the professionalism of your staff."
"Thank you for the huge contribution you made to my career graph. Shall recommend you to all of my circle.”
"Thank you. Everything went swimmingly in my interviews.”
"No glowing review needed. You are wow.”
"Many thanks to Shweta. Nice working with you folks.”
"Fabulous inputs.”
"Your team did a great job on Saturday and Sunday, days I may not have worked on.”
"Incredibly pleased I am with your support. Although I didn’t get through the final round in a coveted position, you have helped me discover my true abilities and competencies. Am going to be winner soon enough.”
"Thank you for all the energy you possess.”
"What can I say...everything was PERFECT! It was worth my time visiting your office (honestly, I have never visited any consultant in my life.”
"I especially love the periodic knowledge updates you send us.”
"Many thanks for helping create a great profile.”
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